Micah Wright hit us with very, very detailed stories of his service -- all concocted. Cocksucker never spent a day in the service (he did do ROTC at school, but only till they wanted an obligation).
He built his whole career around the irony of him being a combat Ranger who turned into a far left peacenik.
He DID post an apology on his website ( but he took it down. As of the last time I looked at it, his bio has replaced the Ranger hoo-ahh stuff with some references to Carlo Ponzi, Frank Abagnale, etc. In other words, he is making a joke of it.
His hate mail page still includes numerous ranger HE-ro claims in his responses to people writing him. It was his technique to shut down criticism, "how dare you lecture me, I spent four years as a Ranger and I know the horrors of war, yadda yadda." Of course his Rangers, unlike the real ones, committed all kinds of misconduct during Panama.
The good news? His publisher canked his 2nd book. His first book sold over 20,000 copies, quite a good run for non-fiction. The publisher says any future press runs of the book will not have the bogus biography any more.
It's saddening sometimes to see how badly sperm and egg can be wasted.
Kevin R.C. "Hognose" O'Brien