Tom Hayden

For communistic idealiologies during the 60's. Mr. Hayde was an
early founder of the Students For Democratic Society (SDS) which later had a
radical faction break away and become the infamous Weatherman; responsible
for several bombings and subsequent murders throughout the United States. Mr
Hayden was instrumental in establishing several chapers of the SDS across
the country at the more "prestigious" universities (Harvard, Radcliff,
Berkley, Kent State) and at secret meeting in Port Huron, MI. (1962), he and
a small group of intellectuals, rewrote the Communist Manifest into what was
to become known as the Port Huron Statement. These intellectual elites
advocated the overthrow of the United States government and the Democratic
way of life in favour of socialism for the masses. He and his then
girlfriend (JF) disrupted colleges campuses across the country, burning ROTC
buildings, staging sit-ins, communicating with the North Vietnamese in who
should and should not be granted visas to NV depending upon what their
politics were. And finally in 1968 in Chicago, Il. during the Democratic
National Convention, Mr. Tom and co-horts led a group of youngmen who
disrupted that convention who became known as "The Chicago Seven".  There is