Ramsey Clark
Ramsey Clark swore an oath to uphold the consitution of the United States when he was sworn in as Attorney General of the U.S. He fiolated the oath by travelling to North Vietnam during the war to actually criticise the U.S. Government. He gave aid and comfort to the enemy by appearing in propaganda films while Americans were dying fighting an oppressive Communist regime; and, ignoring the plight of U.S. POWs who were being tortured by the same people he was consorting with.  It is one thing to disagree with government policy (we all have that right). BUT IT IS QUITE ANOTHER THING TO COMMIT TREASON AND PUT AMERICAN LIVES AT STAKE.  Especially as a former chief law enforcement officer of the United States.  Many others also disagreed with U.S. policy, but only a few commited treason in so doing.  His actions helped prolong the war and thus caused countless additional American casualties.  Today, Clark walks freely about while the VA hospitals are full of veterans from that war.

And now this Communist dupe has published a book accusing the American Military of "war Crimes" during the Gulf War. Forgeting that it was those personnel who served  to protect him and his brethren and their right to speak. He conviently makes no reference to the anti humanitarian or genocide practices of Saddam against his own people. A true American is Mr Clark.!