Jim Cathey

Cathey claims to have been on a "top secret" MACV-SOG Operation (Operation
Tailwind).  Despite the fact that he was Air Force and relegated to a desk
job in Vietnam and was never a member of SOG, he claims to have been
contacted by buddies and asked to go on a pass to Saigon.  Once in Saigon he
was told that he had been SELECTED to participate in a secret reconnaissance
mission.  There would be no military record to show this mission, only a
record of his in-country pass to Saigon.  Despite being an AF desk jockey
with no combat training, he asserted on NATIONAL TELEVISION that he was
flown by a civilian helicopter to Laos and put on the ground in advance of a
MACV-SOG operation "to confirm their intelligence".  This story is pure BS!!

    MACV-SOG did not employ outside sources for their operations.  In order
to have been included on a MACV-SOG mission, months of specialized training
was required. Nobody involved with MACV-SOG would have authorized the use of
non-cleared/untrained personnel for any operation.  This guy is another
lying wannabe who is trying to gain some recognition for taking part in
combat missions  he never had the intestinal fortitude nor the training to
have participated in.