Peter Arnett
Richly deserving of a place on the wall of shame is Peter Arnett. This man(?) is from New Zealand  by birth  and communist by belief who has no qualms or conscience about working and making money in the U.S. while missing no opportunity to heap scorn and lies on the U.S. Military. It might do him some good to recall just who saved his country from Japanese invasion in W.W.II.  Else he may have grown up speaking Japanese. He clearly does not do justice to the New Zealanders' good character.

Do not forget that during the Gulf War it was he who reported that the US was deliberately bombing civilians in Iraq. Now he has slandered the troops who fought and died in Vietnam by concocting a scandalous  piece alleging, no, stating that the US used Nerve gas in Laos on innocent non-combatants and "purposely tried to kill American s " not one shred of proof is offered , only the word of a convicted and disgraced former Army Lt., who once served in Special Forces. He richly deserves to be in a prominent position on the wall od shame.