Zipper Injury

Remember the time in early '70 had just
landed the C&C ship at Bu Dop for refueling.  Were pumping some JP4 and had
wandered over to the side of the strip when a mortar round landed in the
ditch on the other side.  shit flew everywhere, we all piled back into the
ship and took like a stripe-assed ape.  I had put my earphones back on, when I
heard a bunch of cussing over the intercom, then I heard take it for a while
will you, Goddammit I can't budge this thing.  I looked around and saw the
pilot struggling with something in the front seat, while the co-pilot was
grinning like hell, the door gunner and crew chief were laughing their asses
off. Seems like the pilot was taking a leak also at the moment of impact and
caught his dong in the zipper.  Now, them Nomex had some big shiny zippers
on them, he hurt like hell and couldn't get laid for 3 weeks.  I won't
mention Bob's  name, but he was at SOAR the last couple of years.  If you
see him, just ask him how ol' zipper dick is, and watch him blush.