Wild pigs and chickens
by Merle

Once in war zone D, the team surprised a big pig, sleeping in
a bamboo clump. good fire discipline saved the pig, and didn't
compromise the patrol. I really hated to patrol in bamboo, it seemed as
if all we did was step over, or crawl under the fallen bamboo stalks. if
someone stepped on a husk, the pop would send chills down my spine.
those big ass thorns were another pain in the ass. they could reach out
two feet to grab you.  On one of my patrols, we were almost ran over by
this wild chicken that was running through the jungle. We heard a weird
squawking sound as it came towards us.  we must of scared the crap out
of it, because when it saw us, it started flapping around, and really
squawking loud.  then took off, almost flying back the way it came from.
we thought for sure our goose was cooked.