Tuyen Nhon in 1967-Worst Officer
by John Blevins

Det A 415, Tuyen Nhon in 1967 had probably the worst officer ever assigned as
a commander to an A camp. This officer believed in leadership by
intimidation, browbeating and insults. He was a Sp/5 before he went to OCS
and frequently bragged that he was the only OCS grad that had also served
stockade time.

Our camp cook had an attractive,well maybe sorta cute daughter, and soon Dai
Uy was in love. I can still see them strolling through the camp hand in hand
gazing deeply into each others eyes. Of course since she was the Capt's girl
she could not be required to do the duties that she was hired to do, mainly
Kp and hootch cleaning.

The Capt went on R&R to Thailand and was gone a week while the whole camp
rejoiced, but upon his return who should step off the aircracft with him but
Mama San's daughter. The Capt announced to one and all that this was now his
wife and would be accorded all the respect due an officers wife. From now on
everyone in camp had to be in complete uniform at all times to include the
Green Beret, all boots spit shined everyday and all the rest of the negatives
associated with garrison life.

We had TV at Tuyen Nhon and had one long couch where about half the team
could sit and watch TV. This became a love seat for the two love birds. He
would sit one one end and she would lay down on the rest of the couch with
her head in his lap and they would feed each other popcorn. I still laugh
when I think about this scene with the rest of the team standing around in
full uniform behind them to watch TV, with buckets of sweat coming out from
under their Green Berets.

Of course the honey moon only lasted until the first people got off site and
reported what was going on. They sent a chopper for him that stood by while
he packed his stuff. He had tears running down his face when he left.
I thought the people on this forum would like to hear this story as I do not
know of a similar happening in Nam. If someone knows of anything similar I
would like to hear about it.

John Blevins