Tigers Den

By Robert Pryor


My first night in Bangkok, my father-in-law took my wife an I to Tiger's.  The two of them were old friends.  Anyhow, this was in 1983.  My father-in-law introduces us, and as Tiger and I start to shake hands, my father-in-law mentions that I was in SF.  Tiger pulls his hand back quickly and asks if I was one of those guys in with Gritz on his POW snatch missions that Gritz was supposed to be heading up with wannabe Scott Barnes, or whatever the Hell that wannabe's name is/was.  I assured him that I was not, and we got along just fine.


I guess Tiger had the ass at Gritz and his fellow would be POW rescuers.


The one thing that stands out about Tiger was his ability with the flashlight.  Lucy's Tiger Den was on Silam road (or was it Sirawong Road, I can't spell any of these road names though).  Anyway it was before he relocated in late '83 or early '84.  Maybe the old one burned down, but CRS.


The point is Tiger and Lucy had the walls covered with 8x10s.  He sat there at the table and spoke with us about his various friends, particularly those from SF.  Then he would turn on that damned flashlight, and it would be pointed directly at a photo of that individual.  He never had to search for the photo.  The light was on it when he turned it on, first time, every time.  What a character.  I also met Alan Dawson there that night.  Dawson was a reporter in Saigon when it fell, and wrote the book "55 Days, The Fall Of South Vietnam".  It is an interesting first hand account of the events in 1975.


By the way, my father-in-law eventually bought his own bar there in Bangkok.  It was called "Grant's New Cowboy Bar".  I never did make it to his bar, as he died not to long after purchasing it.  I think it was off of Sukhumvit Soi 22, perhaps on Soi Cowboy (?).  My wife went there just before Grant died, and was with her father when he died.  She had an interesting experience getting him cremated and his remains brought home with her.


Robert Pryor, with a couple of Lucy's Tiger Den tee shirts sitting around here someplace.