Entry at Pak Time

In the summer of 67, Sigma was having trouble getting teams inserted
without Mr Charles compromising them immediately.  My team went in at
pak time.  We were about 100 feet off of the LZ, laid out, listening for
any activity.  Two VC came to check things out. One stayed back to cover
the other. The front VC stopped at the edge of the LZ, squatted down and
yawning, commenced to observe out in front of him.  He must of felt our
rifles pointed at him, because, after a couple of minutes  his head
turned toward us.  At first it didn't register on him what he was
seeing, so he took another look.  This time he came fully awake, his
eyes got as big as saucers, and he made the mistake of starting to turn,
and raise his AK up.  I hnow I put a half dozen semi automatic rounds
into him in a heartbeat.  Don't know yet how many more hit him.  The
second VC started to run back to his camp, and my 1LT one one, hit him
with a couple of 9MM from his Silenced Swedish K. As the LT fired
through a bamboo clump, the rounds didn't have enough power to kill
him.  He was yelling to his buddies that he was hurt, and to help him.
I helped him be tossing a frag grenade at him. The resulting explosion
silenced him, but about 10 seconds later all hell broke loose, as the
rest of the charlies woke up, and started shooting  up the jungle.  They
were firing high, and bringing down all kinds of vegetation, so we beat
feet back to the LZ.  My total time on the ground for this mission was
15 minutes.  A new short record for me.