How Bob Stepanian got his nicknames: "Rotten Man" and "Dirty Drawers"

Bob will have to tell about the "Dirty Dawers" but I can relate most of the "Rotten Man" nomenclature. Exact words spoken may be incorrect, but the story is classic.
It was in 66 in SFTG when Stepanian and several others (some may be List members) ventured forthe to the local movie theater. I don't recall if it was downtown or on Post but that is inconsequential.
The small group of would be SF troops were in the front half of the theater. There was a sweet, middle aged to elder lady sitting in the row behind. Stepanian ripped one of the rottenest, stenchiest, foulest odors ever emanated from mankind. The odor permeated the entire theater. Gasps were heard throughout the establishment.
Stepanian stood up and turned around to the poor lady and announced for all to hear, "That's all right mam, I'll take the blame and leave for you."
Thereafter he was known as, "Rotten Man".
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Shakey er......Anon