Riding the Door
by Jim L

An incident occurred at the Florida Ranger Camp in 66.  They flew down
and were going to jump in from C-119s.  In this case, the jumpmaster was
laying back on the ramp on the petal doors when the 10 minute warning came.
He was getting up when he noticed that the load master was pulling the door
to store against the rear stanchion.  Suddenly the door was empty, his headset
cord was flapping in the breeze and he looked down and there was the
loadmasters parachute.  He didn't put it on before pulling the door.  He said
he looked out and there in the distance was the loadmaster trying to fly the
door down.

The story goes on that he and door, 10 feet away was found on the
golf course in Niceville, Fl.  The only thing that seems wrong with this
story, while I have seen the doors off and lashed to the rear stanchions, I
remember in most cases the door was opened and held at about a 60 degree
angle and you just ricocheted off the door on your way out.  Hate to admit,
those early jumps are not as clear as they once were.