Fighting REMFs and VC
by Merlyn Eckles

C-3 at Bien Hoa, 1967, was the same way. Really REMF!!! Keep
Off The Grass signs, etc. LTC Hayes (later a full bull with the 9TH
ID)and this dipshit SGM Finn (retard from the 173RD).  I was NCOIC of
troop movement from Ho Ngoc Tao to Quon Loi, via Bien Hoa AB.  Had to go
to the C Team to get a pass to get on the AF Base, as it was VN.  Hyes
saw me in my Tiger Sripes, and chewed my ass out.  We weren't supposed
to put on cammies until just before launch time.

Another incident with the REMFs at C-3.  Summer of 1967, A camp Tong Le
Chong is under seige.  The Mike Force from Nha Trang is inserted to
assist the strikers.  SSG Ron Franklin received shrapnel wounds to his
shoulder, med evaced on the last chopper out. After being treated at the
dispensary, he puts his gear in the arms room, then goes to get a room
at the "Hotel". The young SP-4 on duty said Franklin needed a dollar
deposit for the sheets, and would get 75 cents back in the morning.
known for his short fuse, Franklin unloaded on the poor SP-4, and pulled
him over the counter to explain to him,, 'he was tired, wounded, hungry,
and in no mood to be messed around with by REMFs.  Also, he didn't have
his wallet, or any money with him".  As Ron had been in B-56, before
going to the Mike Force, I volunteered to save the SP-4s life, and pay
the dollar.