Quivering Beef

By Ben “the plunderer


While  returning  from a  search and  destroy mission several days  out  from camp we  came  across  a stray cow  and  chopped  it  up for  dinner. The  beef  was  so fresh that  as  you cut  it  into chunks  and  stuck it on to sticks  to cook in the  fire , each chunk would  actually quiver and  shrink down in  you  hands  as  you chopped  it  up.  Really strange  ...the  body of  the  cow  did  not  know  it  was  dead  yet.  The yards  smoked  4"  chunks  of  meet  over the  fire  sealing  it  from rotting  and  then threaded  the  chunks of  meat  on  vines   and  they wore  these  meet necklaces back to   camp.   As  the  team medic ... before  we  ever went  to  a  Montangyard  party  I   would  pass out    tetracycline  to  the  team to give them  a head start   and  help kill some  of  the  bad  germs  before  they could   get a  head start.