In the 1st Group on Okinawa, it was not unusual to see an
officer participate in police call.  “Police Call” is
picking up litter in the yard, usually cigarette butts.  One
morning during police call, one of our lieutenants was on
the end of the line which put him in the gutter of the
street.  Across the street from us, the Camp Kue Hospital
troops were also on police call and a Specialist 4th Class
was in charge on their side.  When they spotted the officer
picking up cigarette butts in the gutter, the hospital
troops all stopped and gaped. Noticing this, the lieutenant
yelled, “Sorry guys, the First Sergeant wouldn’t have put me
on police call today, if I hadn’t fucked up on KP
yesterday,” and continued picking up butts.

Don "Val"  Valentine