Phoney Drug Dog

By Jim Laritz


When I was with 7th Fleet, we would normally go into Subic Bay and tie
up on the long pier where there was a single entrance and it was long enough
to tie up our ship and either the Midway or one of the large amphip ships.
It was always funny because you had to walk a long way once you went through
the gate.  The time that really stood out was several times, the liaison
officer from Subic would visit the ships and would tie his dog to the
gangway.  A very friendly German Shepherd which would jump with joy and try
to get next to folks coming on board.  Of course the seaman didn't know the
genesis of the dog and immediately assumed that it was a drug dog.  They
couldn't go way back to the gate nor did they dare risk walking past the dog.
 It was always funny to see the long line of glassine envelopes and other
crap dumped by the returning sailors.  Of course the captain reinforced the
misassumption by reminding the folks about dog searches.  The worse threat
was then number of time that folks would come alongside in small boats and
throw the crap to the ship and yes, there were those stupid enough to openly
buy and accept the dope only to end up in the brig on Subic.  Never did
understand the need for that crap, but thankfully, I was never a good drinker
either as it always got me in trouble and gave me terrible headaches.