Osamin Bin Parrot
by Gene Econ

Kassim Ibin Al Rasheed Al Huc, my Gray Parrot, is a
peculiar beast.  He will utter words and slogans I have repeated months
after I have said them.  He also watches TV and will mimic things he
sees or hears!

A constant antic of his is to remove a small cow bell he plays with from
a chain in his cage and then rack it across the bars of the cage while
we eat dinner.  He then pounds that bell into his food dish repeatedly
followed by more racking across the cage bars with a final hard throw on
to the floor of the cage.  No doubt this comes from his watching a
prison movie one day several months ago on the American Classic Cinema

Currently I have noticed him watching that duck that advertises for
AFLAC as well as old Ossamin Bin Laden and now he parades around his
cage uttering "ANTHRAX, AAAANTHRAX!"

I want to watch some WWII stuff tonight about the Stuka dive bombers but
am terrified to let him observe such movies.  His wings are not clipped
and he is a good flyer.

I now term him "Osamin Bin Parrot".  He is now uttering my name and
'infidel' constantly.  Fortunately, we have his cage door locked with a
small pad lock as he has learned to open any cage door we can find.