The pool way behind the billets by the Officer's Club
by Bill Adams

I was at the C team a couple of times, but never seemed to do much swimming.
The club was about as near to it as I got. I can understand the pool
affording exercise (should be PT) to the C team and various REMF type
personnel that frequented the compound. Howsumever, an occasional trek acoss
the rubber plantation with me and one of my Plei Djerang yard companies would
indeed suffice. Never happened though.

I remember being there when I first arrived and when I departed. Any
visitations in between are lost in my memory fog banks. An occasion in
particular was when I was DROSing. Fred Brittain, CO Dak Pek, and I were
leaving the same time. We were clearing the C team before clearing the SFOB.
Time for fun in the C team's O Club. Rangers were coming in to take over the
camps, and the C Team Cdr's (LTC Merl Tullis) replacement ranger (LTC
Campbel) was in attendance. Tullis went to bed. A very high spirited beer can
fight ensue'd!!!!!! Ranger Campell gets one upside the head! Campbell was
highly PO'd at Fred, who indeed was the culprit. Campbell exits the club, so
we figure Fred is safe for the time being. All of a sudden in comes Tullis in
bath robe uniform, with the fink Campbell (the fink) following. Tullis asked
me what was going on. I reported that we were loosening up after months on
our respective A camps. Further, that we di! dn't appreciate a, non SF Q'd
guest, regardless of rank, telling us what we can or cannot do in our club!
Tulles turned to Campbell and said, "Adams is correct, this is their club,
you should go." Campbell turned several shades of red and stormed out. Well,
we felt that would be the end of it, however it wasn't to be. When Fred and I
got to Nha Trang, Col. Healey wanted to see us. It seemed LTC Campbell
figured if he couldn't persuade Tullis to haul our asses, then he would get
someone else to do it. I got a surprisingly mild ass chewing, but Fred, who
Healey had obviously counseled before, got an Art 15. We, supported by lots
of Nha Trang compadres, made our presence known in the Nha Trang O club,
Francois', Streamer Bar, and other local sundry locales during the short time
we were there. My old gang in the 2 and 3 Shops, Felice Madarang, Tommy
Harper, Dave Faist, and others had a lobster feast on the beach for us where
I en! countered a rare occurrence - not being able to eat all the lobster I
wanted. That's because I washing it down with Chianti. That was the last time
I ever drank any of that awful red stuff.