Miller Time
by D. Burke

One was before I got to Devens (78 or 79) a USAF loadmaster removing doors
on a C-123 caught the door in the slipstream and was invol. exited. From
that point on the AF always made a point of removing the doors with the
plane parked.  It was in the class before mine  Ii had been straphanging as a
training aid jumper for the class, (not on this actual jump though)

Anyway it was a 123. The AF crew chief wearing an af chute but no helmet
had just secured the doors to the tailramp.  The plane took a turn and he fell out,
presumably struck head on exit, landed on a golf course of one of the local
private colleges just north of Springfield Mass/Westover AFB.  Ncoic was a
MSG Smith (short black guy I do not know first name). ?John? Reiley?
(not sure first name or spelling of last name He had a glass eye reputed after
walking into a 130 prop many yrs before)

Anyway, that night students were a little disturbed, and he (Reiley)
stood up and said something to the effect "Gentlemen: some of you are
relatively new in the Army and have not before today seen anyone die in the
service of their country.  Well, today you have. And now its Miller Time"