Live Refrigeration
by Al Dunnem

We had frequent deliveries of food stuff for our troops (CIDG) by Chinese
pilots flying C-47 "Grey Ghosts" (CSD birds).  I thought the way they
handled the pigs was kinda neat.  They took a larger version of the "Chinese
Handcuffs" thingey ... you know .... the little woven straw gizmo that you
put your left and right forefinger in and try to get 'em off.  The harder
you pull the tighter they get.  Anyway, they wove some of these things,
about a foot across with a stronger mat/reed, and then just stuffed the pig
in there.  They couldn't move, and they stacked 'em up like cordwood, lashed
'em down, and delivered 'em to us.

 I remember one time, tho, when they were hauling 4 or 5 water buffalo, a
bunch of pigs and about 500 chickens.  I met the bird at the edge of the
strip at Dak-To, and the pilot taxied up to a stop, pushed his window back
... and a black cloud came streaming out of the cockpit, followed by the
Chinese pilot's head, who inquired: "You have DDT bomb, please?"

 The bird was covered in buffalo and chicken shit, and the Yards had a hell
of a time getting the water buffalos down the ramp we rigged to the door of
the bird.  The inside of that thing was a mess .... and covered with flies.

 Laughed my ass off.