Learn From What We Do!
by Reggie Manning

Company Commander and I "held
court" every day starting at about 1630. Would be there with the same
idiots day after day until 8 or 9 o'clock. Kept about a Platoon playing
with / hoisting the phone poles over in the CCF over by the new

Between us we decided to start racking up the Article 15's on the duds.
Get enough of them on one individual and you could toss his butt out.
Did so.

Late one day, we were ordered to "report to the Corps Commander"
toot-sweet. He and the Post CSM (Mixon??) were all over us about the
number of soldiers we were putting back OCS (On Civilian Streets). "You
two have the HIGHEST rate of Chapter Actions on the WHOLE POST!!!

Sez I: "Yessir. We also have the HIGHEST reenlistment rate for
First-term Soldiers too."

"Oh? Can you explain why?"

Wasn't long before there was a Directive from On High for everybody to
do what we were already doing. . . . get rid of the dead wood so we had
time to do good things for good Soldiers.