Helmet Liability
by Hugh Johnson

Back in the mid 70's, MSG Joe Stone, C/2/11 was the primary J/M on an
insertion of his "A" Team into the National Forest near Kane PA.  There was
quite a bit of turbulence that day and as Joe was attending to one of his
miscreants rigging deficiencies, the safety NCO attempted to get his
attention by grabbing Joe's main lift web.  The aircraft lurched, the safety
grabbed Joe's reserve handle, and pulled same.  MSG Stone saw the reserve
deploying out the door, and made an immediate and speedy  attempt to follow
it out.  He had his main hooked up. He glanced of the door opening, and in an
instant, exited. About noon the next day while searching for him, the search
party found him walking in.  He had his deployed main, reserve, ruck and
weapon with him. (One Hell of a Man) The only item of TA50 which was not
there was his helmet.  Joe spent over three months on incap, but returned to
full duty thereafter.  He did sign a statement of Charges for the helmet

Johnson Out!!