Water Purification
by Jim Laritz

When we got to An Long in 63, we had to purify the water from the Makong.
Surprisingly, there in all its glory was a complete water purification plant,
and it just sat there and no-one had ever bothered to read the directions.
Actually easy to use.  Anyway, got John Tew and the rest of the team, cleaned
out the 10,000 gal settling vats, luckily got the diatomaceous earth from
CanTo, hooked up the gas pump assembly and made that thing work.  After we
pumped 10000 gallons of water into the settling vat, put in the charcoal and
alum to settle the mess, surprised me how fast all the crap settled out.
Pumped that clarified water through the purifier and ended up with 10000 gal
of the clearest, prettiest, sweet tasting water that you will ever find. Of
course we had to ruin the good taste with a good dose of chlorine, but we
never suffered any of the water borne illnesses.  Shacknow's team took it! from
us and decided not to use it, never know why, but they came down with a host
of diseases.  What is surprising was to watch the local drank water out of a
mud hole with a water buffalo pissing in it and never got sick.  Guess over
time the became immune to the local diseases.  There is no doubt that if we
had consumed the same, we would have near instantly been on our death bed.
Unfortunately, there was a lot of good equipment out there, but to many were
just to dumb or lazy to use it.  A real shame as there were more than enough
diseases to go around without causing more through neglect.  Next.

Jim L.