Water at Cau Song Be (Chi Linh)
by Merle

Another A camp that had problems in the summer of 1967 was a
new camp in III Corp at Cau Song Be (Later changed to Chi Linh). The
well started to run dry, the pump pulled up sand and burnt out. The team
used the medic jeep to take the water buffalo down to the river (a major
military operation).  Charley made it a habit of using the jeep and
buffalo for target practice. Both had a multitude of holes, with the
tank of the buffalo being plugged with wooden plugs. It looked like a
porcupine. On top of that, the team's refrigerator broke down, all their
meat and vegetables went bad. They were existing on C-rats and indig
rations, as a lot of their supplies were going to the B Team at Song Be,
hence, the name change.  B-56, and B-36 combined to execute Operation
Liberty Blackjack on 5 Apr 67. When our CO heard about the fresh veg and
meat problem,  He had one of our support choppers bring in a new supply.