BuPrang Water
by Steve Shanahan

Old BuPrang got it's water from a creek at the bottom of the hill between Bu Krak village and the camp. When it got poisoned with NVA dead, blivetted water from BMT was the immediate answer. The new A-camp was constructed a few klicks away had 3 wells bored in the hill. The wellheads were about 15 feet underground in the living-fighting bunkers. In fact the whole camp complex was underground, TOC, teamroom, armory, LLDB quarters, CIDG, dispensary. Very innovative in a Maginot Line sorta way.

At Duc Lap we had a small tanker truck to suck water out of a pond about 2k away. Problem was that there was only one way in and out to the pond. VC predictably mined the road and blew up the truck, killing the driver and injuring the CIDG security. The pond was the drain point of the defoliated rubber tree plantation on the West side of the camp. Now, I like to believe that the heavy monsoon rains washed the agent orange right out of the local water table. As far as drinking water goes, at the time I never heard of Agent Orange or worried about chemicals in the water supply. Just worried about dysentery critters and such. And every single body of water in that AO had zillions of leeches.

Steve Shanahan