Fresh Meat

By Bill Adams


I never had the privilege to run into Mekong Whiskey, although I am sure it
was useful for medicinal purposes only. I had the occasion to run into some
White Horse scotch once (mostly water).

My Yards at Plei Djerang received a fresh animal twice a month. This was
divided (via machette) up into portions for 3 CIDG companies and 4 CRPs. No
refrigeration -  just wrapped in a cloth and hung up in the corner of a
fighting/living bunker. When needed, a chunk was sliced off and prepared. When
invited to "celebration," either myself, the XO, Team Sergeant or someone of
his choice would attend. Usually it was I, or if I could beg off, it was the
XO. I would provide a good gargle and chug of scotch whiskey before and
after. Still, I got the spru. Passing sand and gravel for about 6 weeks
starting at 0100 until about 1400 daily.