Fookin this and fooking that....
by Ray Flaherty

I can't recall a TP shortage on Okie but when our detachment got back
from VN sometime in 63 there was a water shortage. We got in at night after a
tight ride in a C-130, hungry, tired, dirty with the smell of the fooking
Delta still on our boots and found: A) The fooking mess-hall closed. B) No
fooking water at all in the pipes so brushing teeth was out of the question
unless one still had water in his canteen. Empty 55 gallon drums in the
shower area so we couln't even douche.

It was "aw shit" time and a few of us hiked to the VFW for a steak. (We were
in Machinato (sp) then so it was a short walk). Stinking as we must have, a
few of us sat at a table with fine linen and in short order the waitress
brought us five screw drivers (the drink, dummy) each and we proceeded to not
give a shit about brushing our teeth or showering. Maybe eating.

Jim Tryon, the SP/4, not the stuttering SGM, was the one who sent the drinks
and we, of course, reciprocated. But that's another story.