Drum Roll
®. "Tee" Tolentino

And John J. with his drum set in the old 1st Group when each company had
their own PX and messhall which was always open.

Remember pulling riot control and stacked like sardines at Stilwell field
house guarding the entrances to the dependents' housing area, 2 week
adventure training, stevedore duty at Naha, shotgun toting escorts for moving
the gas canisters, Camp Hardy for training, the CTA (central training area)
for land navigation, 7-second Yomitan DZ, all E-5s being sent down to
jumpmaster school & Mike Real being a towed jumper during the class, driving
¾-ton vehicles, courtesy patrol in Koza, Danny West as my B-team SGM, and all
E-5s being sent to bus driver school.

John J. had his drums down in an apartment in Kadena circle where some of C
company's guys lived.  And our regular uniform of cut-off fatigues with name &
US Army tags sewn on with name & rank stenciled t-shirts and of course,
tennis shoes.

C company's SGM at that time was SGM Edgar Thomas.  I had caught a hop on a
C-141 from Vietnam to Oki on 22 Dec 70.  Left 1st Group in Sep 71 to go to
the SF recon course back at Bragg enroute to CCN.  When Danang closed down, I
was shipped back to Ft. Lewis for ETS, but re-enlisted for 1st Group.  By
then, everything had changed just as it had changed in Nha Trang.

There were no roundeyes working the Nha Trang airfield when I returned.  I
got the other guys together and we hitch-hiked to the old B-55 compound.

Those were the days...

®. "Tee" Tolentino