Drinking Water
by Bill Adams

In Malaysia (67). The Brits issued me iodine tablets to be used after the
water was filtered through a thick cloth bag. The bag looked like the
asbestos mitten for changing hot LMG barrel. As far I was concerned it didn't
change the water's taste, but only filtered the dregs out of it. In VN, I
used water purification and took my malaria pills religiously. Doc Taylor was
senior medic and did a good job of keeping the camp's water clean, and
relatively speaking, it didn't taste too chemical.

A strong pull of scotch whiskey just prior to and after participation with
CIDG food consumption activities was not only enjoyable, but absolutely
necessary. Still wound up with serious tropical spru. I lost 25 Lb while I
passed what seemed like sand and gravel for six weeks. Doc Taylor kept me on
tetracycline, but in the end it was simple folic acid that I needed. I still
need it now and then.
Bill Adams