Crico Scissors
By Ben da Plunderer


In  1967 a  new CO  ,Capt Tom Vesser arrived  in our camp to replace  the  old  CO. Upon arrival he  asked  for  a  survey  of the areas surround our camp.  There was a  very large hill behind  the  camp which I estimate  was 1/2 mile from our A-Team.  I estimate   700 or  more  feet  high. Capt  Vesser asked  me to accompany him with a  small group of  yards  and  climb  to the  top of the  hill to  view what our  local enemies  were seeing.  As we  climbed  the  steep grassy hill  , about 1/2  way up the  good  Capt Vesser  started  sneezing  and  coughing  to  the point where  he  fell to  his  knees  , rolled  on his  back and began  choking ........


I had  no idea  what  his  problem  was other then he  was  choking  so bad  he he  was having  a  difficult  time  breathing. This  was  a  one  day mission and  so all I was carrying  was  my carbine  and  ammo and canteen  and one  big Western Buoy knife with a 12  inch blade. The  Capt  appeared to  be  worsening  and continued  to gag . After  what appeared  to be  a  minute  I decided  that  I was  going to have to do a something. Not having a smaller  knife with me I startled the Capt  and  pulled  out  that big  Bowie knife and  started  feeling around  his throat.


He  looked  up and  his eyes  widened  in fear, and  he stopped  gagging and  began  pushing  me away..and  started breathing. He asked  me if  I was really  going to cut  him with that big  knife  and  I answered " Yes, sir".


He started  breathing  real fine  after that, got  up and  we  continued  our  climb up  to the top of the  hill  . After  that I carried  a little  bitty knife  one in my pocket so I wouldn't  scare  my patients well  before  I could  practice  cutting  new airways.