A Close Shave
by Mike

I'd tell the story about Hau Duc, a sister safe area of Tien Phouc. SFC Don Wilburn and I were with a company of CIDG looking for a weapon's cache when we were diverted to Hau Dau. Radio contact had been lost. We entered Hau Duc to find it under seige by the NVA Yellow Star Bn. We were being mortared in the daytime (something new for us), holding the perimeter and directing Puff at night. After several days of this, LTC Schungel and SGM Hodge did a fly over in a C&C ship. Not taking any fire, they decided to chance a landing and ordered Wilburn and me to report to them on the pad. When we climbed the hill (dog tired) and reported, Hodge spoke first, "Sgt. Wilburn! You did not shave this morning!!!" Even Schungel was embarressed and added (to try to lighten the moment), "And you didn't shine your boots either."
Hodge carried a rechargeable (battery?) shaver with him in the field. Wilburn was so pissed we went done to the vill and he had a local barber dry shave him with a straight razor while I "stood guard" to ensure it was only his beard the was cut.
Ahhhh! The good ol' days.