by Jim Laritz

 I had left Plei Ku, (sp) and was heading east toward the coast checking it and the pipe
line for any ruptures as it was just getting dusk.  As I zipped down the
road, I came to the short cut by Cheo Reo so as I was going low altitude,
about 100 feet, I banked off to the right and headed down the old dirt road
to the southeast.  As I got down in the valley, there was a low layer of
clouds but as there was enough light to see my way, I just kept going low
altitude.  Got down into that long valley and suddenly all around there was a
mass of camp fires and all kinds of little folks doing their thing, waving as
I went by.  Really surprised me as I had not been informed that we had any
operations in the area.  Got on the horn and asked II Field Force if they had
anything there and they said that it had to be bad guys.  As I was in the
center of mass, I stopped the doppler and got the 8 digit coordinate and
called it in.  They said they had a flight of Boxcars inbound to another
target and would divert and I should hall ass and get clear of the area.  Did
not need further advice and scooted as fast as those twin 1500 hp turbines
would pull me.  Got clear of the cloud bank and looked up and there they were
about 30K+ running lights on in staggered trail.  Just about got to Cheo Reo
and could see the whole area lit up for as far as the eye could see.  Each
Boxcar was carrying 108 500 pound bombs.  Now that is a lot of ordinance and
you know it hurt when it hit the ground.  As I was the Ops Officer of the
225th, I scheduled myself to do the Photo BDA the next day early.  Now that
was a sight to see.  They hit center of mass and everything around it.  Big
holes all over the area, bodies and pieces there off an! d equipment all over
the area in the trees, stumps, holes a real mess.  I have no idea how many
tough little bad guys lost all that night, but it had to be something that I
would not like to experience.  You got to take your hat off to them, they had
the worst of man made hell against them and they still hung in there and did
their thing.  That is more than I can say for those coward that protested
against us, most notably the klintons and their Ilk.  I do have to respect
soldiers with honor, no matter what side they served.

Jim L.