Wild Boar (hogs)
by Larry McMillin
But here comes a war story from the cold war in France. When I was in the 505 Abn we jumped in to France. When we settled down for the night we got into a large BRIAR patch , the entire company was in that thing, and some wild boars about 18 inches tall were in there also. the kind of briar patch I am talking about is what they make some of the finest pipes in the world from. The only way you can move through them is crawl through the tunnel like undergrowth or get something and put on top of them. Well those wild boars got pissed and the whole Company was on the run with fixed bayonets and any other type knife. There must have been about 4 or 5 boars that cleared the briar patch and captured a lot of equipment. I don't think we even scratched one of them . The company had all sort of scratches torn fatigues. The First Sgt. was screaming his lungs out and Lt. Anthony B Herbert was laughing his ass off. Lucky for me I was on the outer edge of the BRIAR thicket and got out quickly. That thing was hushed up for some time. Everyone was scared shitless and mass confusion ruled the night. I will wear the Cold war ribbon with pride ,due to my E&E during the Boar campaign
Larry ®¿®