Bar Fights
by Mark C. Daggy

The Plunderer asked where did we get M-16s? I don't know but they were always available for those that felt the need to lock n' load. One night we were down at the Clown Lounge and that other little dive down the hill (with the girls on the pole) while going through Training Group at Bragg. I pulled one of the bimbos off the stage at the Clown Lounge where I think 5 or 6 were dancing at once. This bouncer comes over to me and begins to manhandle me. I wrestled 190 lbs for Iowa State prior getting the call from Uncle Sugar. Anyway this bouncer did a 180 onto his head and then leaves my party for reinforcements. He comes back with two big goons (reminded me of Porky in the Porky's movie) and I assured them I would leave like a scholar and gentleman. They could not resist trying to manhandle me and we ended up outside on the ground. I got away from them and headed for Frank's car where I retrieved and locked n' loaded a 16. As I headed back to the front entrance of the Clown Lounge where the 3 over grown bouncers were blocking the entrance, they scattered inside. We could here the sirens from the local police and Frank and several others got me out there. I blame it on being part Indian and not being able to hold my liquor.
    Another night we were out partying at some other tummy rub and at closing they threw us out. We went looking for some of the all night "moonshine" clubs and found one. I felt like salt in a pepper shaker if you know what I mean. Frank came back through Bragg Blvd cranking around 100 mph as I hung out the window shooting out the red lights on full auto so Frank wouldn't run any. I think I missed only one set. That shine will make some "Injuns" crazy!!!