Bar Brawl
by Rudy Cooper

A bar brawl is when most of the place is involved as participants, not a
punch out.

Example is when our class at the Jungle School in 1961 (DA ran it then) was
on a one night stand down and we were at a bar/club in Colon. There was a
group of Coast Guard Cadets on their world tour in the place. Jaw Taylor
decided he did not care for them and their stories. Now that was a brawl. Jaw
and I went under a table and out between the legs of one of the Police when
they came in swinging their clubs at everyone within reach.

Had to go to the station early in the AM to buy out Sal Liendo who was

Was a hard day rappelling down the face of what was a waterfall in the rainy
season.. One of the Ranger instructors came in face first on a bounce, let
go, broke a leg on the next ledge down. Ranger?