The “A” Team in the Sky

(Written with Love  for the Fallen and Lost Special Forces Soldiers)

SGM James “Jack” Carey
USSF (Ret) –  SFA D - 1213 L

The time has come to move again,
       his orders he has received.
The trip he knew someday he’d make,
       this last voyage had been perceived.

Many people say that now he’ll pay
       for ghastly deeds done well.
There’s no doubt there in their minds,
       he had earned his place in Hell!

But as I look upon him now
       as he lay in Eternal Sleep.
I don’t see their “Godless” man,
       I see one mild and meek.

I understand the way they feel
       cause they only saw his show.
They never did see that man beneath,
       the one that we did know.

The man who loved his country so
       he did all jobs with glee.
So all mankind could live and pray
       from Sea to shining Sea.

His Badge of Courage in its place,
       his Green Beret upon his head.
He still looks long and lean and mean,
       still looking so strong, yet dead.

We loved this man for his beliefs,
       not the deeds that they recall.
We know he stood for liberty,
       and for freedom for us all.

Religion?  Some say he had none!
       That money was his only token.
But I was there when you two would speak,
       though Your name was never spoken.

Your House on earth he would not enter,
His presence might bring You dishonor.
So he would meet with You each day,
       In a bar or some very dark corner.

I know You told him how to act,
       and play this big charade.
So just his name would bring them fear
       in life’s continuing parade.

They never saw him, head held low
       as he gave You his report.
With heavy heart and tearful eyes
       he’d wait for you to sort!

The deeds he had accomplished,
       in his eyes some right, some astray.
He hoped that You approved of all
       and blessed them in some way.

With shaking hands and worried look
       with sweat upon his brow,
He’d stare off somewhere into space
       and then his head, he’d bow.

He’d hear no worldly words right now,
       you were giving him direction.
Your critique received, his grade well earned,
       he would then stand at attention.

He’d tell me that You spoke with him
       and that we had to hurry.
He told me that you approved it all,
       there was no need to worry.

No longer humble, meek, and broken
       for those things they claimed he’d done.
The things they said done with such malice
       had been approved by “The Right One”.

Prepared to leave, he would down that drink,
       the one he had bought for show.
For all those present in that bar,
       For he knew they must never know.

His walk again would show them all
       that he truly was “The Master”.
That he was not only lean and mean
       but his heart was made of plaster.

But Lord, I think that we both know
       his heart had not been hollowed.
Had he shown the slightest fear or doubt,
       his men would not have followed.

Had others known the things we do
       about his mission on this earth.
Never would they have been accomplished,
       his work would have had no worth.

Now Lord, You’ve come to take him home,
       to have him by Your crown.
To have him help You as You guide
       those left here “on the ground”.

Now it’s our turn to carry the load
       as we sadly say Goodbye,
To a faithful friend, who now proudly stands
       With The “A” Team in the SKY.