The 'Original' American Legion-Okinawa

The American Legion on Okinawa was probably the most popular
watering hole for SF in 1963, especially the stag bar.  The
Coral Club would have been a close second.  The Legion was
also the rowdiest place on the island.  Sometimes they hired
special help as bouncers to clean it up.  On one such
occasion, they hired Sergeants Silvernail and Ed Clough both
of whom were nearly seven feet tall and weighed over 250
pounds.  Ed would stand behind the entrance to the stag bar
and when the guys would enter he would hold the door open
for them while he peered down at them over the top of the
door.  This was usually an attention-getter and for most
guys, it was ample warning to not start trouble.  But some
guys are hard headed and got rowdy anyway.

Normally after the bouncer determined that the violator was
not going to calm down and act sensible, he would escort
them out of the club.  He did this merely by picking them up
off the floor by the back of the collar and seat of the
pants and toss them through the door and down the steps.
Apparently, which set of steps they bounced down depended on
just how much they had pissed off the bouncer.  The side
entrance included about four steps and the main entrance way
included about fifty steps.  There were no repeat offenders
from the few who flew off the front porch.  If they survived
one “flight,” that was enough.

One of these giants [I won’t say which] was married to a
tiny Okinawan lady who grew tired of him staying out to all
hours and coming home drunk and rowdy.  She solved that
problem in a unique way.  The next night that he came home
drunk and passed out on the bed, she rolled him up nice and
tight in the sheet.  She then got out her sewing kit and
stitched him up in it.  His wife then got a mop handle and
beat every inch of his body from the neck down as hard as
she could until he was black and blue all over.  She even
bruised the bottom of his bare feet.  According to rumors,
he mended his ways.

Don "Val"  Valentine