America - Once Upon A Time
by Lewis T. Pace Jr.

Once Upon A Time -

Once upon a time a star was seen in the heavens.  Almost 2,000
years ago a man died to teach men that violence, hate and
persecution was an affront to God and humanity.  It would seem
that he died in vain.

Once upon a time a star was seen in the heavens.  More precisely,
thirteen stars on a field of blue.  Thirteen stripes of white
and red symbolized the purity of ideals and the blood shed in
the birthing of a new nation.

Almost 200 years ago - for the first time in the history of
humanity - a totally new way of life was brought into being;
"The American Way of Life."  Once upon a time.

At one time or another every member of the entire sweep of
the "lunatic fringe" has claimed divine knowledge of just
what this "Way" was, is, or should be.  Once upon a time.

AMERICA is unique and beautiful among the nations.  In the
election of 1800, for the first time in the recorded history
of Man, total political control of an entire country passed
from the hands of those in power to a diametrically opposed
party - peacefully - without bloodshed.  Once upon a time.

This peaceful transfer of power was a "First."  It had never
happened before.  And, outside the United States, it has never
happened since.  This was our gift to Humanity.  This was the
American "Way."  Once upon a time.

Americans were - and are - no different from other people.
No better - no worse.  The only difference between us and
the rest of the world is how we lived.  Once upon a time.

"The AMERICAN Way of Life" was created when America was created.
This American "Way" is clearly stated in our birth certificate
- the Constitution.  That document doesn't attempt to define
justice.  Philosophers have tried to define that word - without
success - for more than 3,000 years.  The Constitution merely
spelled out a fair and equitable way for reasonable men to reach
a compromise on what they thought justice was.  Once upon a time.

The Constitution is without precedent among national birth
certificates.  Unlike every other similar document - before
and since - it sought to protect the rights of the individual
as being more important than the rights of the state.

The men who presided at this historic birth were convinced that
if the rights of each individual were effectively secured, then
society (as a collection of individuals) would automatically be
taken care of.  Once upon a time.

Men made war.  Some lived.  Some died.  Men made peace.  Some
lived.  Some died.  They lived and they died to protect a dream.
A struggling, infant, growing dream.  "The American Way of Life."
Once upon a time.

The President of the United States of America took an oath "to
defend the Constitution of the United States of America."  So
did every other public official and officer in the armed forces
and government of this country.  Once upon a time.

Millions of men and women died to protect that dream.  Millions
more lived their faith in it.  That dream beckoned like the torch
in Lady Liberty's hand.  The clarion call of the Liberty Bell echoed
throughout the world.  Once upon a time.

Now let us begin to dream again.

Let the trumpet sound the call to arms.  Let us scatter the
barbarians and reject the nightmare they would force upon us
once again.  Let us work, dream, live and die so that one
day our children can say with pride and love and honor,
"Once upon a time."

Once Upon A Time!

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