Airborne Pigs

I am reminded about the delivery we used to make of cattle to camps
in II Corps.   Sometimes the cows, pigs, ducks, etc. were flown to
the camps and other times, they were air-dropped in.  We had
no big problems with the cows but the pigs presented a little one.

For some reason, the pigs did not like going airborne and got all
excited and many of them died from fright.  Many times, the pigs
were drugged so that they were alive after they landed.

That, of course, was the idea.  The camps did not have large
refrigeration units so the animals were delivered alive and later
butchered.  Someone gave it the name "Live Refrigeration".

We had some very talented riggers at the SFOB who could even
package eggs that would survive an air drop.

Bill Coombs