A-502 Memories
by Bill Coombs

I have an A-502 story with a logistical twist.  I don't recall why but they
needed a stove/range for their kitchen.  All I had in stock was a large
stove of the type used at the Consolidated Mess.   As they needed
one immediately, I issued them the large one on a temporary basis
until a smaller one came in.  That seemed to make them happy.

Awhile later, in December, one of their guys comes into my office at
the LSC and puts down two large paper bags filled with bottles of
booze.   After we finished up our business, he started to leave and
I reminded him not to forget his bags.  He really had forgotten about
them.  He then said, "Sergeant Coombs, this is a gift to you for your
support of A-502."

I asked him stop the bullshit and told him that he was giving me that
booze, not for what I had done in the past but what they thought I
would do for them in the future.  I told him to take his booze with him.

Just as he was leaving, CW2 Pappy Shoe, the Property Accountable
Officer, walked in and the Sergeant offered the booze to him.  Mr.
Shoe, being more diplomatic than me, accepted it only on the condition
that it was a contribution to the Christmas party for the "entire LSC staff"
to which A-502 was invited.  Ah, memories.

Bill Coombs