Wives of the Green Beret
By Helen Sanchez
Written 1980
Oh how sweet is the hour,
When their love blooms like a flower.
It grows sweeter every day,
but then he leaves, he can not stay.
Wives of men of the Green Beret,
stay at home and watch and pray.
They love their guys and so they say,
hurry back my Green Beret.
There are times when all seems lost.
There's been no word she can but toss.
It seems so dark, she can only cry.
But thanks to god here comes her guy.
For those who didn't come back, we pray,
Lord help each wife every day.
He was part of the big plan,
helping to make this a free land.
Put silver wings on these wives chest,
they stand beside America's best.
These women mean just what they say.
They share their lives with a Green Beret.

(They share their lives ... with a Green Beret.)

copyright pending
Extracted from a journal dated 1990.