FAC Pilots

I have great praise for those Fac pilots. They saved my butt more than once.

Once on a search and destroy mission with a company of cidg we were about 20 clicks south of an abandoned town called Phuc Lon in a free fire zone. I had a little trouble with the LLDB who decided to change our mission.

Their plan was to climb up a very steep hill at noon and stay there for a few days rather than trying to make contact with the NVA. I was damned if I was going to go along with that idea. I controlled the radio and had about twenty Montangards who stayed behind with me . The LLDB laughed at us and climbed to the top of the hill.

Out of the blue a FAC pilot appeared. I contacted him and told him I wanted to play a joke on an SF fellow on top of the hill. I asked him to make a low pass at the top of that hill where the LLDB and cidg were . I then called the LLDB and told them they had 5 min to get back down the hill before I called in an air strike on their position.

As soon as they saw the FAC starting his low pass they panicked believing that our jets would be right behind. It looked like an ant hill with little ants falling over themselves trying to get off that hill as soon as possible. I had to watch my back for the rest of the mission, and refused to go on any further missions with LLDB or Vietnamese. From then on I only went on missions with Montangards . Ben