by CSM William Edge

The 82nd Airborne was the only one up to full strength of the Airborne Division.  The 11th was at Ft, Campell, but was woefully under strength.  DA would not release a unit from 82nd so the 187 th was selected to go to Korea. McArthur wanted an Abn unit for Korea, so 187th was reconstituted as Abn as opposed to gliders.

Formed from some good men and a lot of marginal folk from the 82nd and sent to Korea, the 11th had been brought home and deactivated. SEC def would not release 82nd.

When Korea was over, the 187th came back and formed the basis of the 11th at Campbell and was rotated to Europe. The 187th at Gabligen Kasern, later became the 2nd inf Battle gp as part of 24th Div LEG Div. The 511th became the 34th Inf at Augsburg.

Other units were at Henry, Will, Kaserns in Munich and Flack Kasern in Augsburh. The 187th NEVER ran a jump school at Bragg. They did have cadre there. Alva English, Arno Land , Hank Slamanski, and Capt Vranish moved to Campbell to set up a division school , that later became the 101 school. Gen Shaped charge, (Wayne C) Smith stepped on it in Germany and the 11th was kaput.

The ABN school at Bragg was composed of troops SD from all Div units. I was there from 54 to 59 as Plt sgt, comm chief, chief JM. CO was Phil TRAUPANE, Costa was 1st shirt. Wally sergeant, a chippewa indian from Wisconsin was there, as was hoss TODD, Jimmy Smith, three Finger Brown, Mike Deeb, Milt Craddock, Vukovich, Blood Burns, Herman( Snake) Spencer,Larry Arritola , Ken Urbaneck, Benedettii,Danny Chappa, Lean mean Morine,Ken Robertson, and a lot of other men . A lot had been 187th in Korea. Roy Martin,. Ed the pig Kitchens, allie Catrer, gate mouth Collins, marshall Markam,Bill Fields, Blankenship, Sharpe.

The school Abn regt at Benning then was the 08. The 101st became the Air Assault Div. A lot of these men died in the Nam a few years later, Gary Botelho, Roy Martin and I were the first selected for FreeFall training in 1958 from the 82....sorry to be long winded but there it is , now let the arguments begin.....I got the books!!!

EDGE the elder speaketh