11th Airborne
by Ray Chambers

Ahh, Yes, Stories about the Old and Famous
11th Airborne Division.  Some where they abound
by the Book, by the Volume, yes even I am afraid
by the pound.....

This story took place during the early summer of 1952.
The 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment had been training
basics for some time.  These troops were needed as
replacement for the 187th Regimental Combat Team
(Airborne) for duty in Korea and or Japan.

As the story goes My unit Company "E" had just finished
with our training, even put them through Jump school
and for having the best training record we were chosen to
spend the next month at the GI recreation are at Kentucky

As every one knows, all unit has a clown, one individual
who is constantly making fun of some one or some thing.
Company "E" was no exception, we had a brand new Pfc
by the name of Pellitier, a nice enough fellow for one
with a french accent, this one was from canada.  A Canuck..

Well, at this time the 11th Airborne was not fully
integrated and as such all of the Negro troops assigned were in the
3rd Battalion of the 188th AIR.  A company of them had been out at the
lake and were doing some clean-up fix paint... Well you know the

Any how, young Mr. Pfc. Pellitier decided to hove some
fun with these troops..  Some where he found out that they were afraid
of snakes. Frenchy, Pellitiers nickname, proceeded to find a piece
of rope about 4 - 5 feet in length, and about 3/4th inch in

When the next truck that was loaded with troops came by
he ran out into the dirt road, swinging this piece of rope and
yelling at the top of his lungs.....   SNAKE..... SNAKE....
Yep... you guessed it all of those troops tried to get out at the same time....

Seeing as it was early summer, the Division had summer
rolled the canvas tops on all of the trucks..  This would allow
lots of fresh air and some sunshine in yet protect the troops...  In this
case it did not protect those that wanted to get out of the truck first and
fast,  You see he threw that piece of rope into the bed of the truck....

Well, while Mr. Frecnhy was rolling in the dirt laughing his butt off all
of these colored dudes were fighting each other to shall we say *unass*
the truck.....

A few days later our company clown was reduced to Pvt.
with 14 days of company punishment after he healed up.   You
see he had one beer (3.2 and green) too many.   He went to
sleep in the row boat out in the middle of the lake and awoke
with 2nd and one or two 3rd degree sunburn with blisters.
This is why the company punishment.... Destroyed government

Ironic ending to the story.....

Chambers sends, 11th ABN at Ky lake....