Pictures of Special Forces List Memories






The Montagnards



Memorial Day Memories



Group Colors and the Beret Flash



Would you do it again?



Triple Awards of the CIB



Doughboy Cookbook






A Tribute to Frenchy



Memories of Lt. Col. Maggie









Military Quotes



Sunrise photo of the Wall taken the morning of the dedication of the Women's Memorial



Cape Crusaders on the Black Beret



Can you guess who they were from before?



Float & Bloat II






B-36, 5th SFGA, 1st SF Basic History/Lineage















1997 SFA Convention    Page 1  Page 2



1998 SFA Convention    Page 1  Page 2   Page 3



1999 SFA Convention    Page 1   Pelletier's Elrick



2001 SFA Convention   



2002 SFA 50th Convention     Pelletier's                 50th Guide



50th Convention SFL Breakfast



50th ASOM Show



2003 SFA Convention (Pelletier)  (Waskas)



2004 SFA Convention (Cleckner)  (Blevins)









1999 SOAR



2000 SOAR



2001 SOAR



2002 SOAR



2003 SOAR



2004 SOAR  Todd



2006 SOAR
















Mark Atchison








John Blevins






Jerry Braudrick



John Brooks














John A."Shotgun Jack" Carpenter

B. R. "Ray" Chambers


                   1998 National Airborne Day - in Phoenix


                   FOB-2, 1968


                   Trigraph A thru M


                     Trigraph N thru Z


                    Jump School


                   Leaflets from Vietnam




John Cleckner


Michael Coker


Vernon Cole   Index pg


Jon C. Comini


Rudy Cooper's Good times/Bad times


Jeff Cormier


John Crump





Terry Dahling

Ramiro Daniel

George Davenport


Jim Day


Norb DeBolt 




John Delavan






 Al Dunnem Various





Eugene Econ 

Merlyn Eckles

William E. {Bill} Edge

Tom Elrick


Steve Epperson


Walt Emerson





Rocky Farr

Steve "Super Jew" Feldman

Bob Fischer

                       9th Infantry Div. Band Road Trip


William "Foxy" K. Foxworth


Charley Fraley


Tyler Furbish





Bob Gerken

Bob Gilbert

George "Randy" Givens

                      Charlie Ration Cookbook (courtesy Randy Givens)

                     (cover) 2... pg3...pg4...pg5...pg6...pg7...pg8...pg9...pg10 also see "PUKE"


Frank Gomilla's Remembrances


                     Sketches by Lt. Baldwin K.I.A.


Jim Grimshaw


                     Voices from the Wall





Joe Hannon

Gordon Harmon

Jim Hauck's Pics 

John Hauck's Pics


Art Hines


George "Sonny" Hoffman III


Greg Hoisington


Al Horton


Ken Houy's Pix


Frank Hudson


Alex Humphrey






JJ Isler






Bob Jack

                     NEED ID

                 Musky Hunt Deux

                 Outback pix


                 1st Sgt. Ed Harris






                     Ben's Long Lost son


                     JFK Museum & Roxy


                     Robin Moore signings


                     S.O.A.R. 1998  Pg. 1  Pg. 2  Pg.3




























James Jarrett




Jim Kelley

                     Mini-gathering at Flagstaff

                     Kelley's visit with BJ June 1999


                     BJ and TJ at Fort Bragg June 1999


                     Bob Jack and TexasJim visit Ben Roberts 5/98


                     Bob Jack and TexasJim visit Sonny Hoffman 5/98


                     Airborne Jim


                     TJ at Texas A&M


                      Jeff & June Russell


                      TJ military 56-57


                      My Barfday Peekchurs 2005


Bill and Scott Kilpatrick


Kevin Knapp


Bruce Koch photos


John Korsbeck


Rolf R. Kreuscher





Gary Lamberty 

                     SFA 1999 

                    SFL Get-togethers in Wisc

Jim Laritz


Walter R. Lewelling


Morgan W. Lewis


Richard Rocky Lewis


John Ley


Bill Little


Lance Lollini


Riley Lott





Reggie Manning

John R. Martin, Jr. 

                   John-Robyn wedding

Thomas (Tom's) J. Marzullo's Memories


                   Page 1


                    Page 2


                   Page 3


                   Page 4


Bud McBroom


Bennie R. McDonald


Freddie McLaughlin's Frolics 


                    II Corp Mobile Strike Force flag


James B. McLuckie


                   SOA Memorial


Patrick D. McTamany


Bob Mitchell







Charlie Noyes





Kevin "Hognose" O'Brien

Michael O'Shea





C.D. (Cargo Drop) Pace 


                   Green articles

                   50th Convention


Mike Parks


Bill Pelletier  (see SFA convention pictures above)


Jim Peterson


Robert Pryor




Leamon L Ratterree

Mike Rhode's Memories

Ben Kelly Roberts


Robby Robinson


Howard Rosenbecker


Jeff Russell



Steve Schofield

Steve Shanahan

Rick Schad



Jeff Sloat


Bob Smith


Roger Smith


Jim Sorensen


Ed Sprague


Dave Stafford


Gerald E. "Stan" Stanford


Robert "Bob" Stepanian


Jim Stewart



Robert "Bru" Taylor

Charlie Telfair


Doug Thomas


Jack Tobin


Laughlin J. (Toby) Todd


Jim Tolbert


Manuel M. Torres, Jr.


Ralph Trout



Don "Val" Valentine

                      Page 1

                      Page 2

                      Page 3






Michael Veit





Paul Whitmore





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