Reggie's Memories
  1. One of the pictures taken while A-375 was in Zambia
  2. Company A, 5th Special Forces Group Memorial at Bien Hoa, January 1969
  3. 5th SF Group Headquarters at Nha Trang, March 1969. Looking West
  4. Detachment A-323 at Thien Ngon, January 1969
  5. Entrance to A-323 with the helicopter pad outside the wire. Looking south.
  6. A-323 at Thien Ngon looking Northeast. January 1969
  7. Detachment A-322 at Katum, June 1969.
  8. Katum team picture
  9. "Me at A-322, Katum, April 1969"
  10. Air strike on a mortar position Northeast of Katum, March 1969
  11. Napalm on the same mortar position, Katum, March 1969
  12. Unknown something going ka-BOOM at Katum. Just outside the wire. March 1969
  13. 82mm mortar vs the Shower Roof, Katum, April 1969.
  14. C-130A, 56-0472 burning on the turnaround point at Katum, 27 May 1969 after having been shot up on the way in. All the crew got out.
  15. C-130a, 56-0472 at Katum, 27 May 1969 with the right wing now gone
  16. C-130A, 56-0472 at Katum, 27 May 1969.
  17. C-130A (56-0472), burned at Katum 27 May 1969 after being shotup during approach
  18. Remains of C-130A, 56-0472 at Katum after it had been stripped of useful parts.
  19. C-130 beginning to rotate and depart (rapidly) with a mortar burst just off the nose. Katum, May or June 1969
  20. A 240mm "Trash Can" rocket which didn't explode.
  21. Me with another Trash Can which didn't explode. Katum, August 1969
  22. Team picture at A-322, Katum probably in July 1969.
  23. High level conference at Katum - Jessick, Lanzalaco, Ramos
  24. Haircut day for VanAmburg and Homer Smith, Katum, Summer 1969
  25. Thien Ngon in January 1969 where we got fed
  26. Me... at Katum in about August 1969 where we didn't eat so good.
  27. C-123 which didn't get shot comes over the Arms Room which did.