Mini-gathering at Flagstaff:
A Brotherís Kiss

TJ and BadEye at the Galaxi restaurant
"Well, gahhhhhhleeee, Meester BadEye. So, you and the Duke did all that?"
"Grog, I'll only charge you 1 cent per can to haul your beer cans."
"TJ, are you sure this picture will get me plenty of nooky?"
"Guys, wanna hear my submarine wallpaper go ping ping?"
One of Grog's great-aunts
At the American Legion Hall in Flagstaff, AZ: TJ (with glass of water), John "BadEye" Martin, Kerry "Ghost" Minner and son, Alex, and the chief Bubblehead, Dave "Grog" Carpenter
"Grog, betcha I  can spit further than you can."
"Reminds me of the time I put peanut butter in TJ's socks, and told him someone shit in em."
Ghost choking his son, Alex, Grog sneaking a peek down Robyn's blouse, Robyn, and TJ
Ghost and Alex, Grog with wandering hands, Robyn holding off Grog's attempt, and TJ
"John, can I have just one little drinkypoo?"
"Watch me touch my eyebrow with my tongue, Robyn"
"And to think I had to pay for this shit."
"Give me a beer and some Fritos. When you drive, just drink and eat."
"Alex, this little thingie is called a pool ball. Now remember, the who has the most left at the end of the game WINS!"
"How long do I have to hold this stoopid grin on my face?"
The "Bunker crew" at the Mormon Lake Restaurant Badeye, Wench, Grog, Ghost, TJ, and Alex (asleep)
The Bunker Crew again (Positions changed): Ghost, Badeye, Wench, Grog, TJ, and Alex woke up
Ghost (notice the eyes) and TJ