Mark Atchison's images
The rats break out - complete view of Hill 01
L-R: Larry Manning, Herbert Anderson (KIA 16Jan68), Martha Raye & an unknown CPT.
Mark Atchison's images
Map of My Phuoc Tay
Training group, fall of 65, left to right: Barry Seamon, Bob Reed,Bobby Delves, Richard Tumm & Mark A.
"I think it's a commendation to a VC who shot down a helicopter.  He doesn't need it any more<g>."
My Dustoff
The original A-424/411 February 1967
aerial view of A-411
SFC Tom Walles 05B
SSG Cary Ward 11C
SP5 Patrick Sullivan 12B
Atchison, Jack the interpreter, Fred Kirchen, Pat Sullivan, and Bill Crysel
The SP5lC calling in 2 May 67
Results of a RR attack
More damage from RRs
Fred Kirchen & unknown USSF
Yesterday, I gave thanks for my family.  These guys are family too.  It's my A-team from Vietnam.  Thanks to them, I'm here today.
A Proud Day....
2nd LT Atchison prior to deploying to Iraq
Hoa Hoas