(a retired soldier's opinion)
should the United States commit its military forces without
first commiting the will of the American people to that effort. 
Our soldiers, sailor, airmen, and marines do the bidding of the United
States.  They do not go in harm's way for their own gain or on their own
accord.  They do it for the American people and our way of life.
The Constitution of the United States guarantees the freedom of speech of all Americans.
The people in the military place themselves in harm's way to defend the
rights of Americans to speak out.  However, should some Americans find
themselves opposed to a military action, they should protest the actions of
the government, and not focus their protest against the men and women of our Armed Forces. 
Nor should they travel to foreign countries, which are in armed conflict with the United States, to carry out their protests.   If you are an American, and you want to protest, do so in the United States for all to see.  By going to a foreign country, which is killing American servicemen in combat, and demonstrating aginst the United States action, you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy and encouraging the killing of American servicemen by a foreign power. 
In our book, that is treason."
Arrested mug shots
Jane Fonda sitting on a North
Vietnamese Anti Aircraft Gun used to shoot at American servicemen and their planes.

New York Times, 4-4-97

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"I'm sorry"

Tom Hayden and Jane 

Hanoi Jane: Yesterday's Fiery Communist Revolutionaryonda  in progress



She said, in 1970:  "Its my fondest wish, that some day, every American will get
down on their knees and pray to God that some day they will have the
opportunity to live in a Communist Society."