The Grand Link-up

Bunkeroos stand in awe as the shower of bacon comes to an end and they can
see Mice-Elf's pink parachute. Her quiet and gentle spiraling descent was
in stark contrast to the horific scene seconds earlier. The only sound to
mar the serenity was the sound of her heavy tool box hitting the Sheridan's
main gun, bending it down like a limp dick.

The CO, hanging half-out of the copula, took the hit like an insult to his
manhood and bellowed to the NCOIC standing nearby, "Sergeant, put that
insubordinate woman on report. Look what she did to my gun."

Sergeant Horse studied the barrel, then raised it easily. When released,
the big gun flopped to the hull. He turned to the captain and said, "Sir,
this doesn't look good. That tool box should have bounced right off that gun."

"Stop doing that, Horse. Take your hand off my gun! That's a direct order."

Mice-Elf landed near the water's edge, a hundred yards down the beach.
Bunkeroos rushed over to free her of silk. The NCOIC gave the barrel a
parting hoist and flop as he said, "Captain, you conjured up this tank.
Can't you get it up? We're going to need this gun shortly. Try, Sir!"

"Don't you think I know that, Sergeant? What I don't need is pressure."

Everyone stopped when Nuthin' pointed to the sky and cried, "Look! It's a

Country Girl emerged from the driver's hatch and pushed the limp gun aside,
crying, "No, it's a plane."

Mice-Elf said, "That's just Porky. He was buzzing me right before I hit
those pigs."

The bunkeroos stopped to watch Porky do an aerobatic loop in preparation for
buzzing the beach. He disappeared behind the trees for a few seconds before
emerging at tree-top level, his silver wings glimmering in the sun as he
sputtered by. When he got out over the ocean and went to apply anal
thrusters, all they heard was a pitiful poot. Instead of climbing high,
Porky rolled left and hit the water. His wings evaporated in a tremendous

The bunkeroos began wading out until they saw Porky emerge and wave before
he started swimming the short distance. The Captain stood in the copula
shouting into a bull horn as a bull with one horn missing wandered the beach
aimlessly, looking disoriented. "Attention on the beach! This is your
commander. Now hear this. Now hear this. I say again, now hear this.
Everyone start digging fighting positions."

The NCOIC took one look at the emaciated bull and knew the Captain was
having difficulty with his newfound CyberMorphing skills just as those
skills would be most needed. The tank appeared to be melting into the sand
and had already puddled around Country Girl's knees. The captain appeared
to be unaware that he was going down with his ship as he continued barking

Bunkeroos dove for their weapons at the sound of commotion coming from the
stream that emptied into the sea just west of their position. Suddenly, a
raft full of screaming bunkeroos spilled out of the woods with a mule in
tow. The rafts popped, spilling their human and animal cargo into the
shallows. The NCOIC strode over, passing a bull with no legs.

The NCOIC approached Kelley who was frantic, trying to keep his mule
together. Parts were simply falling off in his hands. He held mule lips
with tears streaming down his face. The NCOIC touched his shoulder and
said, "Let him go, Jimbro. Morphing matter is temporary it seems."

Kelly stared at the mule, now just a head without ears or lips, a grotesque,
mocking smile as its head sank in shallow water. When it vanished, Kelley
turned his eyes up to the sergeant and said, "Dat was mah Dung."

"Well you did pretty good with your dung. Captain Jack couldn't even do
that. Forget it, Jimbro. We have work to do."

Just then, two figures emerged from the tree line--Bruce "Paladin" Bond and
Bob "Ace" Jack. Each wore a necklace of pig ears and appeared comfortable
with the grim situation.

The bunkeroos prepared for the swine onslaught as Mice-Elf looked over the
Huey that they wisely pulled onto the sand while they still had a tank. She
shook her head as the NCOIC joined her. She said, "I don't know where to

The top leaned close and whispered, "Micey, just get busy doing something.
Bess feels mortally wounded. Just restore her confidence. I just need to
get her airborne long enough to fly her into the hangar bay with these
ropes. She's the only chance we have of getting off this beach alive."

Mice-Elf nodded knowingly, then patted Bess on the bubble, saying, "This
shouldn't take long, Sergeant. They're only minor wounds. She'll be up and
whirlybirding around in no time."

"Hear that, Bess. Micey's the best there is. If she says you'll be fine,
you'll be fine. You just take it easy, sweetheart."

Mice-Elf raised an eyebrow and said, "I can't take it easy, Sarge, I've got
work to do. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

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